Why I Joined DSA

Why I Joined DSA

I joined DSA shortly after the 2020 Uprisings began. I was a self-proclaimed progressive, a SUPER baby socialist, and I knew that I wanted to join the fight for Black lives in the most effective ways possible. The racial unrest combined with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis made frighteningly clear the need for socialized medicine, labor reform, and alternatives to policing (i.e., the true dangers of capitalist interests). To me, the clearest course of action in 2020 was to radicalize and to organize… if you hadn’t already.

I had just moved to Lexington before the pandemic hit, but I was fortunate enough to have met a few self-identifying socialist-communists right before the world shut down that

  1. Significantly influenced my own personal ideologies, and
  2. Literally invited me to organize with them.

As a newbie in town and someone who values community and mutual aid arguably more than anything, Lexington will forever feel like the Lefty City whose long-time organizers asked me to join them even if I’d never read Marx or Lenin. This is why I love being in DSA so much — it’s such a welcoming, unintimidating introduction to being a serious socialist. Since joining, I’ve had the opportunity to grow in my knowledge of both socialist theory and practical organizing skills; there is so much space in the organization to grow and to contribute.

I genuinely love being part of a group that cares so deeply about revolutionizing life for working class people, and I’m grateful to have had a role in the 100K Recruitment Drive that has challenged me to find creative and thoughtful ways of communicating the happiness that comes from solidarity with our community here in Lexington.