New Kentucky: May Day 2021

New Kentucky: May Day 2021

Image Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech


Socialists look to the future as a time when things will be set right. It can hardly be a surprise that this issue of New Kentucky is full of work from Lexington DSA members who are peering around the corner at the challenges and opportunities that are coming at us in this third decade of a new millennium, and to the beautiful possibilities beyond it on the horizon.

Our chapter co-chair Alex Walter and stalwart member Gary Potter lay out where things stand. As the US goes through another paroxysm of toxic fascist feelings and Mitch McConnell has emerged victorious yet again, we must face the facts that Kentucky and the rest of our country are mired in poverty and deserve much better. Alex calls on us to look to our working class and the transcending of demographic divisions to find a way forward.

Candidates like Charles Booker and Arnold Farr give us hope, Alex notes, and we’re lucky to hear from Arnold Farr in this issue. While he did not win his campaign for a school board seat, he is already looking toward 2022 to another chance to run for office.

Cass Giles imagines a holler decades from now. It is not a downtrodden place done dirty by capitalism, but a corner of joy, abundance, and state-of-the-art technology, in harmony with nature on an Earth that has progressed to a new phase of history.

And we have plenty more to say about the present. Our chapter members give testimonials. And there’s even a book review about the current scourge of fascism.

Take a look, we think you will find our vision of the future is something worth fighting for.

In solidarity,

The Editors

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