Report Back: Electoral Branch

The Electoral Branch is the most recently formed branch of Lexington DSA. As such, we are still evolving and exploring a number of opportunities for influencing the electoral landscape in Lexington and Kentucky. The ultimate, long term goal for our electoral work is to transition to a socialist society. That said, there are many steps along the way where we can push for more equitable distribution and control of resources, less oppression, and greater equality. We’re exploring endorsements of and working for socialist or socialist-leaning candidates. We’re also considering opportunities to lead and/or support issue-based campaigns for legislation that will achieve DSA’s goals.

Recent activity

During the primary season of 2020, we endorsed Christine Stanley for LFUCG Council and Charles Booker for U.S. Senate. We’re currently discussing the development of a platform for Lexington DSA so that we can clearly communicate our goals and ideals. A platform will also better inform our decisions as we consider candidates, issue-based campaigns, and projects.

Recent highlights

We worked together to create a comprehensive questionnaire for candidates for LFUCG Council. We made solid endorsements of two candidates soon after we formed the electoral branch. It took a lot of teamwork!


The earlier we can make decisions about candidates or campaigns, the more effectively we can achieve our goals.

Plans to apply lessons & address challenges

We are actively reaching out to the general membership of Lexington DSA in the hopes of bringing more people on board. This kind of work takes a lot of people and momentum to be the most impactful. Also, the more Lexington DSA becomes recognized in the community for being active and influential, the more meaningful and sought after our endorsement of candidates or campaigns will become.

Requests for support or collaboration

We especially want to get more people involved in the development of our platform. This is an opportunity to engage members who don’t think they’re particularly interested in electoral politics (or aren’t even sure they believe in it). The platform can help guide all of us as we continue the work we are currently engaged in, grow, become more active, and take on new projects. All members have a stake in that.