DSA4USPS: Rural Free Delivery — Past, Present and Future

Sunday, April 18
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
DSA National Event: In its fifth educational webinar, DSA4USPS will explore the postal service's mandate to serve all customers equally, whether they live in New York City or an unincorporated town. Rural delivery is one of the most important functions of the postal service, but because it is unprofitable, attacks on it are more likely than ever. Join Dave Staiger, West Michigan rural letter carrier and member of the National Rural Letter Carrier Association; Cathy Kennedy, from the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and who fought tirelessly for pay equity for Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers; Katherine Devine of World Wildlife Federation, to share about their proposal for "Farmer Post", similar to the Canadian farm-to-table proposal; and Sam, a rural USPS customer from the Southwest Louisiana DSA chapter. This webinar will be moderated by Emily Y. from Charlottesville DSA.

Building the Religious Left: DSA Religion & Socialism Virtual Conference

Saturday, April 24
12:00 am - 12:00 am
DSA National Event: From April 24-25, join your religious socialist comrades for two days of panels, workshops, and skills training as you work to build the religious left. Hear from Andrew Wilkes, Sarah Ngu, Charles Howard, George Lakey, Matthew Sitman, Fran Quigley, Jewish Currents magazine, the DSA Muslim Caucus, the Institute for Christian Socialism, Megan Romer, Nicole-Ann Lobo, Imaan Javeed, and many more local activists and theologians. Come to learn, to share, and to be re-energized. Register here. A complete program outline will be sent in mid-April so that you can sign up for panels, workshops, and skills training.

Strategic Campaigns 101

Thursday, April 29
8:30 pm - 9:30 pm
DSA National Event: Strategic Campaigns 101 will walk through the process of how to best choose and execute campaigns that will build long-term power for DSA, YDSA, and the working class. You'll learn which questions to ask when planning a campaign, as well as tools to assess your campaign plan for maximum impact. Join us if you're interested in running or are currently running a campaign that puts pressure on a decision maker to pass transformative reforms in your area.

DSA Q&A feat. the PRO Act

Saturday, May 8
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
DSA National Event: Interested in DSA but haven’t joined yet? Looking to get involved in the fights to stop evictions, win the PRO Act, or defund the police, but unsure how to get started? Frustrated with the limited possibilities of national, top-down politics and looking for an alternative? Join DSA leaders from across the country to talk about how organizing as socialists and engaging in mass, bottom-up movement struggle is the best path forward to winning our demands and building a better future, together.