New Kentucky: Radical Wholesome Socialism

New Kentucky: Radical Wholesome Socialism

Fellow workers,

Every socialist has a responsibility to take seriously the way forward for the workers’ movements. Thinking about strategy requires information and critical reflection.

To that end, we welcome you to the inaugural issue of New Kentucky, the newsletter of the Lexington Democratic Socialists of America. Here you will find illustrations from Stephan Crown-Weber and photography from Megan Gulla, the first in a series of theory explainers from Cass Giles, a personal narrative from our co-chair Alex Walter, a fable and most importantly reports from our Housing Branch and our Electoral Branch.

For our Fall issue, we take as a theme the Summer’s uprisings against the police state and racism. So we’re proud to republish “Comrades, Not Allies,” a summation of Cincinnati DSA’s work in the mass movement, written by Christine Niemeier-Walsh, Akiva Guttwright and Emiliano Leon, comrades from our sister chapter.

We also offer up, “The Rainbow Coalition Today,” an op-ed from Jesse Montgomery and myself, taking the alliance of the Chicago Black Panthers and the Young Patriots, a white Southern expat group, as a touchstone for the interracial politics of solidarity needed today.

These uprising pieces are rounded out by Gary Potter, who provides us with not one but two articles: (1) a reflection on Lexington’s history as a major slave market and (2) an explanation of how neoliberalism has hollowed out urban governance and replaced it with something crueler.

We hope New Kentucky makes you think. We need you to use your whole brain.

In solidarity,

Will Emmons
Sept. 2, 2020
Richmond, KY

Read online or download a PDF of the issue.