Lexington DSA Statement on the Alito Draft

The leaked draft of Justice Alito’s proposed majority opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization threatens women’s health and reproductive rights in the United States. This draft decision is the result of a four-decade attack by the capitalist class on the working class, healthcare, and equal protection under the law. The ultra-rightwing Supreme Court is the ultimate example of minority rule in a bourgeois, constitutional republic.

Overturning Roe v. Wade will have devastating outcomes. It will create a generation of children who are forced to live in poverty. It will give legal support to forced pregnancies. It will legitimize rape and incest in an officially sanctioned wave of patriarchal terrorism. It makes the nuclear family legally sacrosanct headed by a “strong man” father figure.

But Alito’s draft decision does much, much more. Aside from rights specifically mentioned in the text of the Constitution, Alito argues that only those rights “deeply rooted in the nation’s history in tradition” deserve its protections. Alito says that in the future, courts should defer to state legislatures “even when the laws at issue concern matters of great social significance and moral substance.” The same argument was used in Plessy v. Ferguson by Justice Henry Billings Brown related to Louisiana’s segregation law when he said the Fourteenth Amendment “reduces itself to the question whether the statute of Louisiana is a reasonable regulation, and, with respect to this, there must necessarily be a large discretion on the part of the legislature.” Simply put, this draft is a reaffirmation of states’ rights.

The Alito draft isn’t a ruling just about abortion. The legal precedent it sets threatens Griswald vs. Ct (birth control); Loving v. Va (interracial marriage); Obergefell v. Kasich (gay marriage), Shelby County v. Holder (voting rights), and even Brown v. Board of Education (segregation). This is a precedent that totally reinterprets the 14th amendment and reaffirms states’ rights. Kentucky has only two abortion providers, and both are in Louisville. 75% of people who get abortions live at or below the poverty line, and 60% already have children. Lost wages and expenses for travel, lodging, healthcare, and childcare can push abortion care out of reach, so your support of Kentucky abortion funds is critical.

Join us in supporting two organizations that provide direct services to people seeking abortion care in the commonwealth: Kentucky Health Justice Network and A Fund, Inc. They provide assistance with transportation, lodging, medical expenses, interpretation, and more.

The Lexington chapter of DSA will continue to organize and fight for health care and equal protection regardless of race, gender, or class. Access to abortion is essential to those goals. We support and will fight for free abortion, on-demand with no apology and without exceptions. Contribute and volunteer. It’s time to fight back. Join us.


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